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[Cable] Tiling on HD Channels

Recently we have been noticing some tiling and sound drop out occasionally on certain HD channels. Its hard to pinpoint exactly what it is and what could be causing it. In the past during the winter months a tech would come out and adjust the trunk amplifier and all would be good.

What we had been experiencing recently were a total of 6 HD channels out of a total of 32 go completely off air. The screen would be black and their would be no sound. Rarely would the STB display "one moment please". We called to complain and the tech did his normal routine of adjusting the amp and see if that works. The next time he came out and put in a subscriber amplifier since we have Phone, Internet and cable TV with a HD package. We still had the same issue and he came out once more to tell us they were going to have to scope the area to see more clearly what was going on.

A few days later they returned to run a scope on the trunk line outside our home on the system and they must had adjusted or replaced something because the signal db jumped about 3db and the 6 HD channels that we lost at random times of the night never reappeared.

Now we still are getting some tiling and sound dropouts occasionally with the STBs but only on specific channels.

In the STB diagnostic screens a few channels are reporting pixel errors in the 26K range which frequently cause tiling and sound drop outs to appear once or twice every 15 mins.

I did in fact show the diagnostic screen with the errors reporting to the tech and he didn't have much interest in that. He was only considered about signal quality and said that we we were experiencing with the channels going out should not be happening.

We have a friend about a mile away on the same system but without the HD package. Out of curiosity I brought one of our boxes over and hooked it up there. The box still displayed the errors on the same channels as they did before at my house.

I don't know if this is a local issue or a system wide problem that nobody has complained about or is aware of at the headend.

So now I don't know if I should continue to complain or just let it be and accept it.


Just wanted to add some information. Hope that it helps diagnose this problem.

The 6 HD channels that have tuner errors constantly are

511 - Frequency 807000
516 - Frequency 717000
518 - Frequency 717000
519 - Frequency 717000
521 - Frequency 723000
522 - Frequency 723000

I am wondering if the fact that these channels are on the same frequency would explain why there area great number of them. If one channel is affected it will effect all of them that are on the QAM frequecy.

There must be something more to this than signal quality. Shouldn't the cable techs had been able to see this on a scope or waveform?

I should be a cable tech with all this information I'm providing. But either the tech doesn't take my information literally to help him or he doesn't know what to do.

Btw, I've hooked a tv directly to the main line coming into the house to eliminate splits and I have the same symptoms.

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL
And what box and what provider you don't think might be useful info?
»haywardm.com (Hayward's Key West)


said by Hayward:

And what box and what provider you don't think might be useful info?
Provider: Service Electric Cable TV Inc.
Boxes: Motorola DCT6400