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Bristol, CT

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Warned for exceeding the cap, used 715G last month

Hi All,

This is my 1st post here.
Please forgive me if I did anything wrong.

I have received my warning notice that I have exceeded the 250 CAP. I used 715G last month.

I am guilty.
I am a hog.
I was enjoying my new HD-TV toy and used my connection for what is was worth.
I am sure I have exceeded this limit many times in the last 10 years of service, just not quite so bad. I really love on demand HD TV. 3h hours = about 8 gigs.

Now I am so sorry because I have no rights to complain being such a pig.

When I ask if I could monitor my usage I was told politely do it yourself. I think this is BS, I want all of my 250gigs a month.
I don't think Comcast is being reasonable in not providing me these numbers. Now I see reading these forums this has been an ongoing subject for 8 months at least.

I am thinking of filing a complaint to my State Attorney General. I smell a rat as to why they won't provide this information.

To the people who think I am a hog, pig, heavy user, etc
The future is coming, when people wake up and find they can't use the full potential of their connection and the new services out there, won't they be surprised?

So I have to limit myself to 1 1080i movie a day.
Not so bad, but I need a meter, and NO I want them to do it!!!!

I can't afford to get cut off, as the internet is like electricity.
My phone, TV, Camera, and even furnace run off of it.

Looking for some great advice as how to tackle this problem.
I'm with everyone else as some as FIOS is here, they (Comcast) are gone.

BTW this is just a repeat of 10-11 years ago, I was the %1 user on dialup lines, getting warning notices, so I switch to cable as soon as it was available.

The technology is changing and Comcast is not keeping up.
So when i can, Goodbye Comcast!!

Thank you all, I hope to get some helpfull advice.