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North Tonawanda, NY
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reply to Karl Bode

Re: More skewed stats....

Per the barely being able to take 3Mbps, might I add that out in Rochester NY, and in a few places around the US Frontier has people running off of 6Mbps and 10Mbps speeds that hold reliably. I'm almost positive that Frontier isn't having issues holding the higher speeds since they've been doing a bunch of upgrades to their networks, and that story was caused by someone looking to save some money, thus getting their speed turned down. Frontier actually used to offer 6Mbps in my area to Residents (which they removed as a choice a year ago), but since they had run out of bandwidth several months ago and brought more in, they only offer 6Mbps to businesses right now in my area. A Frontier tech at the CO though did tip me off that they are installing some new equipment/DSLAMS at the CO, and thanks to the huge amount of bandwidth the CO now has after boosting their fiber line, they may be setting up my area for 6+Mbps very soon to residents. The same tech also stated that he'd allow me to try out my line at the fastest sync rate it can hold (looking to be at roughly 6Mbps, higher with ADSL2+) once they finish upgrading things in my area to help them test things out rather than just allowing people to get it and sitting back to see what happens. The tech knows that I'm one of the heaviest users that Frontier has in the area who knows a lot about these things, so he sees it as a good thing to set me higher and hammer the connection.
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