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Columbus, OH


why not instead of frontier hand them over to AT&T. AT&T is allready in some rual areas here in Ohio, and seems to have no problems serving them. And alot of the areas that are VZ but up to AT&T areas, so the links are there allready.


Hingham, MA
This sounds good in theory- at&t doesn't seem to want to cast off its rural areas like VZ does, but on the other hand one wonders if they really want to expand their rural footprint either.


Cleveland, OH
Because AT$T doesn't want the areas and they're more focused on their Wireless and U-Verse services.

Also the state wouldn't be happy with that, especially with VZ customers that are happy with what they have don't want to deal with the shit ATT has.

Blue Rock, OH
reply to EPS4
If I had it my way I would love to see at&t get out of the rural areas to. I have at&t service were I live and most of the time I cant even use my dialup with them, takes 15 minutes just to get my home page up. If you are not going to get upgraded with Verizon what makes you think you will ever get upgraded with at&t out in rural parts? Verizon and at&t will never upgrade rural area's unless they get paid to do it. Might as well get taken over from someone else and not wait as long.


reply to OSUGoose
Verizon wants a tax free transition, called the Reverse Morris Trust. They pulled the same trick in Northern New England, "merged" with a small company and then "spun" them off tax free. I'm not an accountant but I don't believe they can pull this stunt with a large company like AT&T, hence you'll end up with the same thing we did-an underfunded smaller company with a big debt. Verizon will never do "the right thing", only the most profitable thing. Google "Verizon Fairpoint" for a history lesson and to see whats coming. Also check "Hawaii telecom bankruptcy", another Verizon spin off.