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Hollywood, FL

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How can I watch 2 TVs/channels with one cable box at once?

I have Comcast cable, and one cable box. I would like to use it with other TV's to watch different channels simultaneously. Is it possible? I can think of many ways of splitting the signal to different TVs, but from what I can think so far, it'd be the same channel on all TVs.

And... How come you NEED a cable box? What happened to just plugging the coaxial directly into the TV?

Edit: And please do not remind / recommend that I get an additional box from Comcast for 5$ a month. I AM AWARE that Comcast leases additional boxes, but I wouldn't be posting this thread if I planned to lease another one...


Waldwick, NJ
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I can answer generically but you might want to post in the Comcast forum for something more specific.

If you split the signal AFTER the cable box, there's only one channel coming through. If you split the signal BEFORE the cable box, if Comcast provides any channels "in the clear" on the cable without a STB, then you could tune those in on the 2nd TV.

You state that Comcast isn't providing any channels without a cable STB, but I don't know if that is the case. If it is, then you'd absolutely need 2 STBs to watch any 2 channels. If they do provide some channels on the cable without a STB, then you can try what I outline above.
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Pottsville, PA
reply to chrish16
said by chrish16:

... Is it possible?

And... How come you NEED a cable box? What happened to just plugging the coaxial directly into the TV?

No, it's not possible, the tuner only outputs one channel.

You don't need a cable converter, you just need a TV with a digital tuner.
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Fort Lauderdale, FL
Well since your down in Florida about 15 miles from me, I'm in Sunrise, I will reply.

I don't have a "Box". I split the coax and can watch 3 different channels (on three TV's), ALL the Local channels (2-13) in High Def (1080i) and get my HSI.

I've never even seen a cable TV box in my life. My old analog sets get the old channels (2-76) in analog naturally. My high def set picks up (2-76) in analog at the old locations and 2-13 in high def in at some funny channels (86-112 etc.)

Now I might be wrong, but I think it's the law that cable companies re-broadcast the local TV over-the-air channels - in the clear in Digital (and High Def if so broadcasted.)

I'm on "Comcast Broward CO - Cable (Pompano Beach)."


Greenville, OH
reply to chrish16
Unless there are more than 1 output on the cable box, it can only tune 1 channel. If you can't pick up TV without the cable box, they use non standard frequencies that only the cable box can pick up on. If an additional box is that cheap, I'd go for it. Time Warner you don't need one for standard channels, but the 100+ you do and it's an extra 15/month per box.