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Burlington, MA

Make Up Your Mind!

First regulators get on Comcast's back about having too many subscribers. Now you want them to get on Frontier's back for having too few subscribers? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

What it sounds like to me is that people want to impose their own consumerist view of the world on the marketplace, without any concern about the rights of investors. In our society, investors are not required to invest their money the specific way consumerists want. When business is subjugated by consumerists, that's called socialism.


South Ozone Park, NY
There has to be a balance though Bick.

Protecting the shareholder is indeed the responsibility of the company management, but if customer service and the product (Lack of infrastructure investment) suffer to protect the shareholder,does that not create a self destructive cycle?

Based on everything I've read about Frontier, they are a horror show and in most areas they are the only game in town, they basically do as they please.

Lousy product and lousy service do not breed customer loyalty and as soon as another option presents itself, people flee in droves,which is ultimately detrimental to the shareholder.


Burlington, MA
So what you're saying is that businesses should focus on consumer needs to the extent that it contributes to long-term shareholder value -- that's the balance that the company strikes.

Mass-market customers generally are incapable of exhibiting loyalty. They're driven by price, not loyalty. Mass-market consumers generally "flee" when other providers offer lower prices, not higher quality.