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Ridgefield, CT
reply to MrFixitCT

Possible *free* computer junque in Ridgefield

Since it looks like our move is likely to happen within a few months...

I've got a lot of PC clutter around. Due to time/effort constraints I'd like to hand off the following as-is and diskless, if anyone's interested, though I'm sure I'll then have a pile of disks available once we're moved and I have time to copy and wipe them. These are of course kind of underpowered for 'desktops' these days and fall under the 'good for playing with NetBSD/OpenBSD' sort of category. These are also short keyboards, mice, etc.

* Slot-A Athlon 600 machine, Matrox G200, LG CD burner, clean cheap tower case... think there's 256MB PC100 in there;

* Dell P-III 850, i810 IIRC, has annoying memory compatibility limitations (and low maximum display resolution by modern standards) of that chipset, think there's at least 256MB installed. Could still make a good *NIX desktop for a non-demanding user or with a lightweight distro.

* Intellistation M Pro, SMP P-II 400s, Matrox G200 IIRC, CD-ROM... *heavy,* dusty minitower. Case is "grade C" but of course the hardware's fine. Onboard Adaptec UWSCSI along with the usual PATA;

* Compaq P-II 300, heavy desktop style, also with onboard SCSI. Has the BIOS flashed with a Compaq update to boot properly without a keyboard. Barely-used OpenBSD install with forgotten password on there, would just leave the disk in this one.

* Gateway Pentium 200 MMX tower; CD-ROM; big bulgy minitower, ostensibly low-power/Energy-Star as of 1998 or so; onboard early ATI graphics with the 'flaky at 1024x768' glitch; Intel chipset and/or weak PSU doesn't play nice with all modern ATA devices due to signaling levels etc. Think there's 32MB RAM in there. Might be fun to slot in a CF-to-IDE "SSD" and pretend it's a really big Soekris.

* Some other Gateway; might be a P-II 266.

* Misc 14-15" VGA/SVGA CRTs. Nothing great, 640x480-800x600 territory.

* There's what I think is a full, fairly clean/"collectible"-grade Epson 286 with keyboard and monitor sitting in its original boxes, if any of y'all want to get really retro.

I'm ready to let all this go free for the sake of making space/not having to lug it, but you do have to put up with me trying to find time to dig it out of the closets etc, pull the drives that are likely to still have my data on them, etc. So if you want anything speak up by PM and I'll try to have it ready for pick-up by... sometime in July.

Also going to be Freecycling some more-general-interest junk (want any chain-link fence?), so... I dunno, if there's anything of likely interest I'll cc or make mention here.