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Everybody Lies

Franklin, TN
reply to Michael Chaney

Re: Something to look forward to with Comcast...

said by Michael Chaney :

The only way to do it well is to not do it at all.

Encourages infrastructure investment?!?! Are you serious?!?! Do you actually want me to believe that anyone who implements metered billing is going to use that money to reinvest in infrastructure? BS! Roger isn't. If anything, now that caps keep people from using the high-bandwidth applications they want to use, it will only justify then continuing to NOT reinvest in infrastructure.

The incentive to invest in your infrastructure while charging a flat fee is that that flat fee is still orders of magnitude greater than the cost of infrastructure. The current flat fees being charged are more than enough to rake in fat profits even AFTER using a little to upgrade networks to keep up with the pace of traffic growth.

Your case for metered billing is unfounded.
It's ok, let them shoot each other in the foot. It just makes my ISP business better because I don't mess with meters. As one ISP to the others, meters are for making money, not expanding services and upgrading your infrastructure to handle more customers.

Bandwidth gets cheaper every day, but rather than pass along the savings, they pocket the money.
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Actually in Cogeco's case they bought an ISP in Turkey or something with all the cash they were supposed to spend on the network.

They are a bunch of clowns.


Cabovisao Portugal, who offer uncapped 30/1 for a similar price to Cogeco's 100GB then metered 16/1.