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Mr Matt

Eustis, FL
·Embarq Now Centu..

As I said in my previous post!

There are two ways to pay the ISP's for enhancement of infrastructure. The content providers pay or the subscriber pays. Metered billing is a way for ISP's to apply punitive pricing to their service to prevent Video Content Providers from gaining a foothold.

By having the content providers pay, the subscriber will not have to worry how many Gigs of data their Operating System and Applications download each month without their knowledge. It will also give the content providers an incentive to limit the size of files they download and force the cost of delivery of unwanted advertisements to be born by the advertisers.

If the Cable Cabal continues to use punitive pricing in order to discriminate against Video Content. The government needs to come down hard on the ISP's and force them to recover the cost to expand their infrastructure from the content providers.

A situation like this occurred in the mid 1930's when the Bell System Companies would not carry traffic from their competitors. That meant that customers had to subscribe to several telephone companies lines in order to reach all customers in a city. Discrimination against competitors was one of the reasons that the government regulated the Bell System.


Cleveland, OH
"The cost"? Content providers already pay for their bandwidth. They pay for it, they use it, end of story.

ISPs make unethically large amounts of profit year after year. How many tens of billions have they made after 10 years of monopoly pricing and control? That doesn't even include the hundreds of billions in tax subsidies they've stolen from various state and local governments.

ISPs already "recover the cost" of their business by charging consumers and content providers for their bandwidth. They have plenty of money. They should have invested that money into their infrastructure a long time ago.