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Baton Rouge, LA
reply to Tex Longhorn

Re: Congrats LSU

One of the bigger problems I see with TX is that they want to be like Tennessee so bad they can't stand it. They had to use UT which is understandable and isn't that big of deal on the surface, but then they had to go steal the orange color. I can understand how TX feels they owe TN a lot. There was that whole TN saving TX ass during the TX revolution. I feel for the longhorns to move on and actually be a championship team that they may need to stop trying to be TN. Only when Texas realizes that they need their own identity will they truly be able to step up and maybe become the championship team they want to be. That is all just the observation of a modest East TN boy living in Cajun country though.
don't get 2 close 2 my fantasy