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Woodstock, GA

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How can someone use 250G in a month?

said by laserray0:

It's ok, I wish Comcast would just get a clue.
It's going to take more than one letter to get them off their butts.
Hopefully others will copy and send letters to their attorney generals.

I normally send a copy to whoever I filed the complaint against. The attorney general will do the same.
I have nothing to hide from Comcast.
I have been a good customer, under the many names of my cable company.
I am being fair to them, just wish they would be fair to me.

I thank you all for your help, including the spelling corrections.
Don't get me wrong - I certainly back you up with regards to your argument about CC needing to provide a tool to identify the amount of bandwidth usage if they're going to require/enforce a cap - however, I've just gotta ask: What the heck are you downloading that pushes 250GB/Month? And even then - are you really pushing that much each and every month?

I consider myself a *heavy* user (work from home, pull down a lot of software, lots of traffic, gaming, several computers on the network, etc.) - yet I'm lucky to push 100 GB/month. The most I've used (by my estimates) is around 7-8 GB in a single day - on average - I'll use approximately 1-3GB day - if that..

To hit the 250GB cap - you have to be using 8.33GB/day - which is close to 6MB/minute - 24/7 - that's a LOT of usage.. Just trying to really understand how one can use that much? Especially considering when you factor in "life" into that equation (i.e. if you figure sleep / shower / breakfast into that equation - now your down to 14-15 hours/day to use that 8.33 GB - which pushes it to almost 10MB/minute average - 14-15 hours a day, 30 days straight).

Maybe I'm just not cool and fully use my connection enough?