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Miami, FL
reply to Matt3

Re: Surprised?

said by Matt3:

said by Rob:

said by baineschile:

Kinda scary to think whats going to happen when ATT launches LTE; and the problems they will face with that.

Just another testament on why Apple should move to VZW
Once VZW adds 30+ million iphones to their network, I'm sure you'll see a slow down too.
I don't think that would occur. It's my understanding that CDMA and EVDO are inherently more efficient than GSM/HSDPA. Additionally, you can roam on any CDMA/EVDO tower whereas AT&T (for the most part) has to go it alone. Verizon has the luxury of roaming among Alltel (now Verizon) and Sprint towers.

It's not like this is new to AT&T anyway. I performed a HUGE migration of worldwide users to a BlackBerry system and I had numerous people returning AT&T Blackberries because their service was awful.
I really can't disagree since I don't have a very good understanding of the technologies.

But it's something we'd have to wait to see.. 2010.. maybe.
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