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Karl Bode
News Guy
reply to iansltx

Re: Nice deal

The price already includes 12Mbps cable, but still, the first 12 months is a pretty good deal. The price after 12 months ($72.95 and $92.95) isn't quite as hot.

Again, biggest issue will be footprint.

A massive cable company's wireless broadband ambitions constrained by the growth of Clearwire? A company that has to do battle with both AT&T and Verizon? Were I a betting man, I wouldn't bet on Clearwire to come out on top.


Considering the separate standalone monthly prices of Comcast HSI ($45-$55), and Clearwire's Clear service ($30-$50), or Sprint's 3G/4G EvDO/WiMAX service ($80). Buying the bundled home and wireless internet service from Comcast ($73 and $93 respectively) is a relatively good deal.

I think Comcast might ultimately buyout both Sprint and Clearwire (and TWC for that matter, once the FCC cap is completely overturned in the courts) so that it can fight AT&T and Verizon more effectively and on a more level playing field. Comcast won't sit idly by while AT&T and Verizon make billions of dollars a year off wireless, and come after their core pay TV market.


Austin, TX
reply to Karl Bode
Easy answer: pump more cash into CLWR.

My question though is whether the bundle can be had without CATV.


said by iansltx:

Easy answer: pump more cash into CLWR.

My question though is whether the bundle can be had without CATV.
You're right. Clearwire has about $3 billion to build out its network through 2012, but they'll need to raise more capital after that. They've said they need about $5-$6 billion to fully build a national network. Comcast can certainly afford that, they make several billion a year and recently made $1.5 billion offer to buy back bonds. AT&T and Verizon have made tens of billions of wireless, Comcast can't just let them have it without a fight, even though they're entrenched.

I don't see why they wouldn't sell the bundle without CATV, although they might charge another $10 a month more.