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Yarmouth Port, MA

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An observation on this thread...

Despite the fact that no limit was ever announced before, I wonder if we would agree that the designation of 250 GB/mo. as "excessive use" announced in August of 2008 was a lot of bandwidth.

It's not a lot, anymore.

Next month will be the anniversary of that announcement, and I observe ...
... the amount is still 250 GB/mo
... customers still have no meter

I also observe that year-over-year bandwidth demands traditionally increase at a rate of approximately doubling every two years. This means that if the right threshold was 250 GB in August 2008, then next month the threshold ought to be about 350 GB, and next year it ought to be about 500 GB. And that is not just for premium accounts that barely existed, but on the accounts as low as 6 Mbps that were popular at the time of the announcements.

I also note this particular thread, and ask Comcast to consider whether the cap really does any good at all -- outside of crushing good public relations, that is. Of all of the large MSOs, Comcast is the only one leading in pushing today's technology out to the public today. Everyone else wants to milk a little bit more out of its old tech.

Either way, I'd love to hear an announcement from Comcast soon -- either increase the cap accordingly, drop it altogether, or put some other kind of sunset to it.

Let us see that the future is not limited.
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