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Holy Cable Modem Batman

Washington, DC

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reply to jsgiv

Re: The real reason for the cap ~by IPPlanMan~

said by jsgiv:

I don't use my service for supplanting TV/Video service - nor do I have other Comcast Services at the moment (i.e. Comcast Cable / VOIP). I use it for *internet* access - if I want to watch TV / Videos - that's what my DirecTV / DVD / DVR are for..
That's fine. You can do that. And if someone uses more than 250GB, are you really going to notice that they do? My whole point is that this an arbitrary amount, which coincidentally is exactly an order of Magnitude greater than their 250MB quota for emails. they have a traffic management system and they still need a cap? Doesn't make sense.

You aren't a Comcast TV Customer, but the principle is the same. Direct TV is happy that you're using their service instead of Comcast's Internet to watch shows. Comcast wishes that you used their TV service for TV and internet for internet. That's exactly what they want. They don't want to lose their TV business to people who only want to pay for the internet service... under the guise that 250GB is "excessive use"... and this is in spite of the fact that there is no similar cap for the business tiers, nor does the cap increase under Docsis 3.0 for the residential tiers... and it's the residential tiers that are directly engaged in using these other services like iTunes/AppleTV/Vudu/Netflix, etc.... Probably Slingbox as well.

Comcast apparently isn't concerned with Business users using these services, which is why there's no "excessive use" cap stated.

People don't get to their cap by checking their email. People get to the cap by doing audio/video, etc.
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