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Monster Rain

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reply to sturmvogel6

Re: The real reason for the cap ~by IPPlanMan~

said by sturmvogel6:

said by C_Chipperson:

We regularly watch movies/tv shows through Netflix streaming on our Xbox 360. I've never broken 40GB/month. Comcast seems to be more than happy to deliver the service to us!

On the other hand, If I was unemployed and had nothing to do but watch streaming video 24/7 then I would be upset about the cap.
You do not have to be watching 24/7 to run afoul of the 250 GB cap, actually using the connection only less than 3 hrs/day would be enough. However, your negative connotation that only unemployed watching 24/7 would run afoul of the cap is noted.
I was replying to IPPlanMan's theory that Comcast implemented the cap to curb 3rd party video streaming. Your irrelevent retort is noted.