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Extreme Aerobatics
Campbell Hall, NY

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reply to Thane_Bitter

Re: Undersized Power supplies from Linksys.

said by Thane_Bitter:

Interesting information! Have to tested your router to see how much more current it now draws (as the old one should have only supplied a steady 1 amp)?

Its lame that Linksys is selling a product that would perform well provided the end-user provides a better power source.

I Played around with different power supplies on a older WRT-54GS and didn't see much of a change in signal quality (did find out that model can run on 9 volts but with an increase in current however).
No - I did not measure the current draw - before or after...

I am simply comparing performance data, both external (IPERF, wifi signal monitor) and internal (dd-wrt graphs).

The before and after views are telling - and as you can see from the dd-wrt thread - others are seeing and quantifying the same

Most likely linky ships a lower grade PS as the default firmware does not push things too much. also less problems as less load on the hardware?