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Re: Bandwidth Limits/Congestion Management - All discussion here

said by NathanO:

I think that verizon is willing to spend money on infrastructure, and not make as much money, whereas comcast is trying to milk all that they can out of their current cable lines and system, and make tons of money.
Good rhetoric, but not very accurate. The reality is they both spend a lot on infrastructure every year. Telco "milked" about a hundred years out of their twisted pair infrastructure before going to FTTH (to compete with cable). Cable's HFC is only about ~10-15 years old and as they move to all-digitial, they have enough capacity for the near future (at current usage and speed growth profiles). Going from FTTN to FTTH is the next logical step when needed.
said by NathanO:

Verizon does have a competitive advantage, their network capacity is MUCH greater, and they can offer people more and more speed in the future. For now, comcast is limited to 160 Mb/s.
A few points on this
• While "who has the bigger pipe" is fun to talk about here. The reality is the market (i.e. need) for these speeds today to the home is very, very small. The competitive advantage is more how many homes do you serve and can you keep that customer base with quality service.
• The network is more than just the last mile. Given Comcast's customer base, I expect beyond the last mile, Comcast has larger network capacity than Verizon in their metro and core. Comcast was the first Nx40G infrastructure (2 years ago) and pushed 100G and IPv6 technology more than most of the telcos.
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Re: Bandwidth Limits/Congestion Management - All discussion here

Lets hope comcast goes FTTH soon
Comcast could do gigabit Ethernet to the last mile (well, it probably wouldn't even be a mile), From the node to the houses.

On another note... my local node is busted (EDIT: misconfigured), and comcast wont fix it until they replace my: modem, splitter, crimps, and drop (their just cheap... my internet has been out for almost a week now, and my EMTA is barley working... 58dBmV upstream)

Well, they came and ran a temp line. My upstream signal went from 58dBmV to 50dBmV, still not too great. My downstream signal and SNR are unchanged