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Plex update

So I'm emailing back and forth with Traci Clifton in the sales department and I asked her about IPTV and the high end 20/768 internet where i'm moving to across from Oak Hollow Dam, and NEITHER are available there now, but she gave me a timeline of hopefully September they both would be, so at least there's hope of them getting this stuff expanded out now instead of taking it slow like I thought they might.

I'm taking a wild guess here, but it seems in neighborhoods that don't have the ADSL+ capability, when they run fiber they're also getting the DSL upgrades put in as well instead of doing them seperately. It just seems some neighborhoods already have the higher capacity because they've already been rolling that out... although I think that's now been changed to coincide with fiber rollout.

Anyways, latest update I've gotten if anybody is interested...

All noise, no signal.
Jamestown, NC
I'm in a fiber neighborhood and I was told I could immediately upgrade to the 20/768 speed. Us fiber folks can get all the way up to 30/5 though, so 20/768 is a bit of a downgrade.


Thomasville, NC
reply to Fish
Up until about 2 or 3 weeks ago, PLEX products were not available in my neighborhood.Then,suddenly,PLEX was available.There was a CONGRATULATORY brochure left in my mailbox.You may have gotten one,too.Mind you,I have been living in this neighborhood for 11 years and have only seen the occasional service van from North State Communications;and over the past month the trucks have been in-and-out replacing 2 poles on my street and other poles throughout the neighborhood,but no lines have been changed.Apparently,what little I know about DSL,they are making changes at the Central Office,and just rolling these PLEX products out AS FAST AS THEY CAN on their existing copper network,guaranteeing UP TO 20 Mbps speeds.Read into this,don't expect them to change any lines,unless you live in a fiber neighborhood or as new areas are built,they will get fiber.There is no mention of upload speed,probably because the average person doesn't have much concern with that.

The tool at Northstate's website for checking availability of PLEX is inaccurate.Go to the Phone company salespeople for that information,whether you got a brochure or not.However,when I asked the salesperson questions about quality of service (i.e. is the picture jumpy or smooth), and service delivery,she was absolutely no help.Go figure.

For anyone reading this that wants to learn more about DSL,Wikipedia (even though it can sometimes be misleading) has good basic explanations of the different types of DSL;and don't discount this site either.