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Re: Need some help

said by patt2k:

I am planning on swtiching from my road runner to cyberonic adsl

but I'm wondering about something they say I prequalify for 6.0 mb / 768

but when i for example go to verizon page it used to say I can get 3 meg and now its only 1.5

so if verizon cant provide even 3 meg now would cyberonic be able to provide it?

and also im wondering why adsl dry loop line is so expensive? 6 meg 69.99 first 6 months then 79.99 for another 6 months....
You will only get the ADSL max speeds your telephone company can/could provide. If Verizon says your circuit will only support 1.5Mbps/584Kbps, that is all you will get from Cyberonic/COVAD/Verizon copper. Naked, or not, COVAD can not supply faster speed than Verizon says is possible.

Price direct from Verizon is likely less than Cyberonic/COVAD. You should check with Verizon first, for both availability speed and price. Moreover, Cyberonic and COVAD service is best effort, not guaranteed, as neither is Verizon's. If there are signal/noise problems because of distance, bridge taps, etc., no one can force Verizon to correct the defects. COVAD is completely ineffectual in dealing with recalcitrant telcos.

I know, because I've had COVAD ADSL over AT&T copper through both Cyberonic and Digizip. My Cyberonic/COVAD was never stable, and never attained the speed I paid for. Plus, Cyberonic's mail servers suck. Digizip/COVAD was reasonably stable at nominal 6Mbps/768Kbps, actual 4.3Mbps/520Kbps, for about three to four years. Then, after I canceled three other AT&T landlines in September 2008, I was unable to maintain any speed over 1200Mbps/520Kbps actual. This on an ADSL circuit that worked at 4.3MBps/600Kbps actual, over three to four years of service. The reduction in speed was NOT accompanied by any drop in price. I still pay for 6Mbps/768Kbps. Switching to AT&T direct would decrease my price point, but my upload speed would be reduced, and AT&T won't guarantee any increase in download speed. PERIOD.

Dry loop is more expensive because Verizon doesn't get reimbursed for the loss of monthly POTS service, so they raise the wholesale price of dry loop, and also because they don't want COVAD, or any other CLEC/ILEC cannibalizing their business ADSL customers.

If you can still get Verizon ADSL, I'd inquire about price and available speed before I committed to Cyberonic/COVAD, or anyone else. Maybe Verizon is planning a fiber build out in your area. That would be nice to know first, also.