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This is a sub-selection from No suprise

My views are my own.

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Re: No suprise

First off, there is no "we" and no "country" that is rewarding these idiots for failure..

"This Country" doesn't employ CEO's.. well, until Obama came along in his quest to socialize everything.. and "WE" in the reward part of your message is not correct as "we" have nothing to do with how a business chooses to operate itself...

And to wrap it up and hit it home, the ONLY morons that are responsible for ANYTHING going on to this day are "we the people"... yes.. the PEOPLE are morons for putting "morons" in office and positions of power.. pretty sad when people fail to look at themselves for being a MAJOR part of the problem AND for blaming everyone else BUT themselves.

Corporations are still self operated.
Small Business is none of your business.
The house and senate and the white house.. That IS our business.

.. there were PLENTY of morons that put Bush into a second term.. start there.
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