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This is a sub-selection from $hit floats!


Cleveland, OH
reply to fiberguy

Re: $hit floats!

Actually the people do take an active role in government, in the form of consumer groups and activists. It's the politicians who don't really care what those consumer groups have to say, as they depend on the money and support given to them by big corporations.

You can't expect a nation of hundreds of millions of voters to pay attention to every detail and elect only the perfect candidate. That's if there even is a "perfect" candidate, considering the usual 2 party system.

Competition didn't down Charter. They hardly face any real competition. All it requires is a minimal amount of basic management skills for a company in their position to be profitable. It truly was gross incompetence.

A good example of how incompetent these large ISPs are is Cogeco. Its attempts to go international utterly failed, as they were quickly driven out of the foreign market by much tougher competition in the form of competently run companies.

Most of these ISPs would go under very quickly with the massive overhead and bonuses they spend their finances on year after year if they actually had to face real competition.

My views are my own.

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People take a role in government? Um... I strongly disagree with you.. you may want to look up the number of eligible voters and how many of them actually show up to the polls to vote. Not to mention, it's more than just voting.. as for activists and consumer groups? ... or as I call them, special interests.. they think about themselves and the people that think like they do. All those groups do is usually cause more problems. Activists are THE worst.. any idea how much progress gets held up as we study the habits of the spotted tree frog before actually building up much needed infrustructure?

And - I DO expect voters to pay attention to detail.. that's part of the responsibility and privileged of voting.. however, people are idiots - plain and simple. They vote on the same wedge issues all the time. Remember the comment about clinging to guns and religion? ... that couldn't have been said better. People think that this country is going to be fine as soon as you keep the gays out of the way, stop unborn baby killing, keep prayer in schools, and social security - gotta keep the old people interested too.

Competition DID have a roll in Charters issues.. when you have satellite, which is competition, offering a service cheaper damn near over night, it quickly erodes an already off-guard cable operator such as charter who largely serves rural areas.

There is real competition in this country - maybe not in your view.. but there IS competition in this country.. competition and offerings are subjective to the environment around it. This country is NOT Japan, it's NOT South Korea or China, it's NOT any other country that Utopian's here want.. in the U.S., OUR system has competition when it comes to video - many people have three choices and they exercise them all the time.

You talk about running a company is being so simple.. I hope you never find yourself in that position becuase you'd be the next BBR article being bashed by every arm chair quarterback on the site. Running a corporation is not "simple".. its quite complicated.. and while the company went down on this guys' watch doesn't mean that he was an idiot..

Somerset, KY
·Time Warner VOIP
I agree with everything you said, except where you said the CEO of charter is not an idiot.

A CEO to some degree is like the captain of a ship. HE really is top dog as far as bringing about change's, and new implementations.

Anyways, as Larry Winget says. "Result's do not lie."

And I think that's a golden rule, when viewing everything. Results really do not lie. And that's a fact.

reply to sonicmerlin
"You can't expect a nation of hundreds of millions of voters to pay attention to every detail and elect only the perfect candidate. That's if there even is a "perfect" candidate, considering the usual 2 party system."

I may not be able to expect that, but I surely could expect that nation of millions to not be so stupid as to do something as stupid as electing dip shit Presidents like the most recent Bush twice or his dad even once!

There is just flat out so much corruption in the world, it will NEVER be right again, if it ever was!
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This is a sub-selection from $hit floats!