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Logan 5
Enjoying the Cataclysm
Austin, TX
reply to Frohike

Re: Keep sbcglobal.net or att.net email address after DSL cancel

said by Frohike:

Yes this is true. As long as the account is not disconnected for a payment issue then the account will become a free account. It has to be an email that that can be accessed at the AT&T powered by Yahoo web portal (att.yahoo.com).

Email that is accessed via my.att.net does not apply to this.
I want to be crystal clear about something so apologies if this seems obtuse.

Will an email address ending in @pacbell.net be able to be kept? I've had it for so long (11 years now) I wouldn't know how to check it to be certain or where to go on yahoo's site as I've always accessed it as a POP3 setup in Outlook or Windows Live Mail not from a web browser going to yahoo.com.

Thanks in advance for the clarification....

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