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Philadelphia, PA

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What do you think will be needed in bandwidth in 5 years?

said by funchords:

I'm personally hopeful that Comcast is looking ahead at bringing the bandwidth instead of holding it off. Signs are that they have no taste for this scarcity game any longer. They want people who think big things about telecom to think good things about Comcast. They don't just want to be ruler, they want to be the elected ruler. I hope that's true.
[personal hat on]

I think it is, personally speaking. That's what we're doing with DOCSIS 3.0. But it is always a balance... We'll throw more and more downstream and more and more upstream capacity in the network, and then the apps have to sort of catch up a bit. You can't out-drive the headlights too much or in the end the finance guys call you on it and you have trouble justifying the investment. But that's also the nice part of our network design, is that the investments can be fairly incremental and understandable.

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So I'm also working on a 5-year bandwidth plan.... What d'ya think you want and need then? (seriously)