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Duluth, GA

Upgraded to 6MB, phone line keeps going out

I just upgraded to the 6mb service. Love the new speed!

But... ever since the upgrade, the phone line goes out a lot now. It goes out several times a day. Not just the DSL, but the actual phone line goes dead. There is no dial tone at the NID box outside the house.

At first it was just one long, entire day outage (maybe some maintenance?). Then it became 1-2 hour outages. Now it's like 15 minute outages, several times a day. This is very distressing since in the past several years (when I had 1.5MB, then 3MB), these type of outages was maybe a once a year occurence.

I checked the line stats on my DSL modem, Speedstream 5260, and this is what I got:

Command-> show
--- General Bridge Information
 System Mode          - Bridge
 System Type          - SpeedStream 5660-R:ENI
 System HW Version    - 0
 System Up Time       - 1 Days 2 Hours 24 Minutes 21 Seconds
 Software Version     - 2.3.0(6) Dec 12 2001 10:31:37
 Factory MAC Address  - xxx
 DSL Phy Description  - Motorola 850 SAR Alcatel/RT Adapter
 DSL Phy Version      -
 DSL Interface State  - Up
 Spanning Tree Mode   - Disabled
 Bridging Filter Mode - Disabled
 Ethernet Interface   -
Command-> show dslstatus
--- DSL Status
 Cell Delineation - True
 DSL State        - Up
--- Channel Info               ATU-R                    ATU-C
 Current TX Rate  -           512000                  8000000
 Previous TX Rate -                0                        0
 CRC Block Length -                -                        -
 Interleave Delay -                -                        -
--- Physical Layer Info        ATU-R                    ATU-C
 Current Attainable Rate -    556521                 14035087
 Current SNR Margin      -       8.0                     21.0
 Current Attenuation     -      29.0                     13.0
 Current Output Power    -      12.0                     20.0
 Current Status:
  Defects detected       -        No                       No
  Loss of Framing        -   No Loss                  No Loss
  Loss of Signal         -   No Loss                  No Loss
  Loss of Power          -   No Loss                  No Loss
  Loss of Signal Quality -   No Loss                  No Loss
--- ATU-R Line Status
-- Press any key to continue --
 Line Coding - DMT
 Line Type   - Fast or Interleaved

From what I've read over in the ATT forums, those line stats are good (SNR Margin of 8.0 is "fair", Attentuation of 29.0 is "excellent"). And rightly so, since when the connection is up, I have 0 problems whatsoever. Fast, consistent 6.5mb+ speeds with low latency.

But then the phone dies and the internet dies with it as well.

A Bellsouth... er AT&T technician came to the house twice. The technician said the phone line was up when they came by so the problem is "wiring inside the house." And they charged us $85 a pop for the visits... Grrrr.

What should be my next step? How could I explain my problem better so I can get this resolved?

Should I be going through ATNEX support or AT&T?

Powder Springs, GA
Hello Nawhead,

We should be contacted to resolve the issue – we will be happy to send someone out if we need to. These are the kinds of issues we work hard to get to the bottom of.

Atlantic Nexus
»www.atlanticnexus.com/contactfor ··· form.htm