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Cheaper web access via tethering with a non-smart phone??


I don't have a smart phone, and all I really need is a cell phone that can help me get an internet connection.

I have used a Blackberry before with Tethering (via the USB connection since that's often faster) to get online with my laptop when riding the train, and really liked that.

How much is it to just get internet access without a smart phone? A sales rep in a store said $15/month, but I'm thinking that I might still be forced into a "data plan" for ~$50/month.

Also, can anybody recommend a good cheap phone that can do EVDO Rev.A ?? I'm hoping not to do a 2 year commitment now, and just buy a phone via E-Bay or some other source (very probably on the web).

Many thanks in advance to anyone that replies.


New England
I have the env touch and I'm wondering the same thing. If I can tether with the vcast vpak for 15$ a month then I will definately try it out. But I'm also not sure if it would work.


Cobbs Creek, VA
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The best/cheap/versatile RevA phone you can buy off Ebay is a HTC VX6800 (same phone as a Sprint Mogul). Can get them for less than $100, has a port for an external antenna and wifi. It is an incredibly good price for such a capable smarthphone. Put »www.wmwifirouter.com on it and you've got a great tethering (or wifi) solution.
... need help? »evdo-tips.com/


Forest Ranch, CA
reply to Rickaroni
The $15 a month plan is only for mobile access on the phone. When you tether the phone you HAVE to get a data plan! If you don't have a data plan you will be charged huge data access charges.

I use my phone LG VX8300 tethered, for internet access, it works great. But I do have a data plan, another 59.99 on top of my cell plan.


New England

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reply to Rickaroni
How can they tell I'm tethering? I don't plan on using massive amounts of data, maybe 1-2GB a month. I just don't think 60$ is worth 5GB. I'm only using it for lower pings not as my main internet, I would be using hughesnet for everything except a couple games with the phone tethered :/

EDIT: Jim does that phone work on verizon? If so I'll make my mom get it :P


Forest Ranch, CA
You won't be able to access the internet via tethering unless you are signed up for it. Or you will get a message telling you, you don't have an account and you will incur data charges if you proceed (or something like that). I have run into both situations.

I am not sure how they know the difference between the Mobile web service which is 15/month and the internet service which is either 39 or 59/month, but they do know. Try it and you will see.

Most of the Verizon sales people have no idea how this works (tethering) and what the charges are. You would not believe some of the things I have been told by Verizons own people.


Fort Wayne, IN
I have the omnia i910 with the mobile email and data plan, $29.00 month. I had heard of pdanet for tethering for years, so I went to there site and downloaded the trial version and it worked so great that I bought the software, $34.00.