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Crunchin' For Cures
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Purple Zone

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Posting Guidelines-How To Get Help

When creating a thread for assistance...please add what area you are referring to in your title (example)

[E-Mail] Having issues in Kentucky

If you are not from that area posted and are adding the same issue for a different market, or have your own issues...
...your post will be moved to it's own topic

Let us know:

•Did you contact support?
•What steps were taken so far to correct the issue?
•Equipment involved?
•Operating system..specs?

Please utilize the [TAGS] provided

The tags are there for your use & really help members who are looking to assist you

Your choices for them appear when you create a thread topic (example for e-mail issues):

It's possible you will be contacted by an official. A site representative of Insight.

If anyone is sanctioned to respond officially I'll update this thread

Our Private Message System (or "IM") on site is available only to registered members of BroadbandReports.com

It looks like this , and will appear at the top of your browser. Please await contact - or post to the forum, they do not handle unsolicited requests.

Information on how to retrieve/send an IM can be found here:

»Site FAQ »IMs and Privacy

If you are in doubt of anyone's affiliation, or have any questions before giving personal information, feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to verify.

BBR Moderator/Admin IM's look like this , and also appear on top.

As always, be careful what personal information you post to the general forums.

This is a technical board, but it is public and viewable by all.

Please refrain from posting private email addresses, IP addresses, etc to these boards as they will be obscured for privacy.

*Note: Keep in mind the 5 Golden Rules in this forum..thank you

~Safe Hex~ Team Discovery ~ Project Hope ~ Like A Hurricane~