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Northridge, CA

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[Tomato] Tomato Firewall Question

Currently I am using a Linksys Wifi WRT54G router w/ Tomato firmware with the radio turned off. Everything is hardwired.

I've had my home permanently professionally wired for ethernet. (I am not a big fan of wifi for a number of reasons). I'm wondering if using this WRT54G with the radio turned off is sufficient, or would buying a wired router be advisable?

This has everything to do with the firewall. I'm confused about the WRT54G's firewall. There are so few controls and options for the firewall. I'm not sure if it's any good and how well it's protecting my local network.

Is the firewall in the WRT54G going to be the same firewall or the same class of firewall that would be in a comparable Linksys (or similar brand) wired router? If so, it makes no sense to switch.

Are there better wired routers with better firewalls that don't cost thousands?

Madera, CA
With the radio turned off it is exactly the same as a comparable wired only router.
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Years ago I decided to get my home wired ... there has never been a day I regretted getting it done. I hope you will enjoy a similar experience.

That said, there are some devices which only connect wirelessly (iPods and PSP's in our home). Thus even with a well wired home, you may eventually need wireless.

I've used Tomato for a long time and really like it.

Recently I upgraded my LAN to gigabit (from Fast Ethernet). Part of the upgrade was to my cable modem, and the last part was my router. Today I turned off my many years old WRTSL54GS with Tomato, and turned on a new Linksys WRT610N.

The layout and overall capability of the Tomato firmware are superior. The Linksys firmware also seems to post pages slower than Tomato.

However there was a change, an unexpected change. My maximum download speeds have increased ... almost doubled.

I don't fault Tomato, my new router and cable modem are gigabit capable, as is the rest of my LAN. I think the technology overall of the cable modem and router has improved. Eventually there will be (with any luck) a Tomato for my new router.

At the moment, I'm running almost twice as fast with reduced ping times. A new router and cable modem MAY make a difference. Of course your mileage may vary. My experience so far has been good. I miss Tomato, why didn't Linksys use some of the great ideas of Tomato when implementing its new firmware.

Good luck with your new set-up!
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Under the hood you have a Linux system with firewall. Even the Linux-based Linksys firmware is pretty darn good in this regard.

Today, very few Linksys routers run Linux (The WRT54GL being a shining example). Instead, they run home-grown firmware based on the operating system VxWorks.

I'm sorry but it's a fact known by anyone doing this professionally (not me but find and ask one!). The low-end VxWorks routers are pure junk in comparison. They are "good enough" and geared for marketing, low cost and minimum support calls.

For thousands of dollars you get lots of powerful hardware to run so fast you can handle a city... features that need training... but functionally you already have the golden base. It just runs a little slower.

EDIT: Will Tomato ever have security flaws? No way is anything in security solidly fixed. It's always a moving target. But the community behind it, starting at the Linux community itself, is about as good as it gets (neglecting the NSA budget of course ).