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Hugo, MN

Wiring phone and network to one CAT5 cable

I have high speed internet to my house from the modem I run CAT 5 into a wireless router which has 4 wired ports on the back. I am trying to set it up where I can plug into the modem from different rooms. In two rooms I split the CAT5 with the blue and blue white going to an RJ11 phone jack and have the orange, orange white, green, green white going to an RJ45 jack. The cables run to the laundry room where they are terminated at a punch down board. I have the two sets of cables punched in and spliced. However, when I plug in my computer I get a pop up: A Network Cable is Unplugged.
When I run a cable from the router direct to the laptop I get a good internet connection. My question is do I need to connect a hub in the laundry room where the wires terminate or is there something I am missing. NOTE: The RJ45 jacks are color coded so I have them connected right. Also the phone in both rooms works fine just not the computer connection.

Milford, NH
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As I'm sure you are aware what you are trying to do is a non-standard way of wiring telephone and Ethernet. The proper way to to this is to run separate cable for phone and Ethernet to each location.

Assuming you have chosen not to do that you can make what you are doing work. 10/100 Mbps Ethernet uses two of the four pair. Gig Ethernet uses all four so it will not work with your setup.

Ethernet cabling has to be point to point. At the wiring closest need to terminate the two pair used for Ethernet at an 8-pos jack (called a patch panel) and use a short cord (patch cord) to connect each drop to Ethernet Switch.

Maintaining proper pairing and using correct pin-out is critical to making Ethernet work. Transmit is on pins 1 & 2, receive on 3 & 6.

» ··· -pinouts
» ··· les.html

I strongly recommend doing this right by running additional drops to areas you want Ethernet rather then using non-standard wiring.



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Although not considered standard practice, there is no reason why you cannot do what you are trying to achieve. Here is a very helpful link:

» ··· xed.html

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While it is very possible to run telephone and ethernet over the same cable, it is not a recommended practice. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way...

The description of your setup is a little corn-fusing. Please tell me you are not attempting to send dialtone through an ethernet switch. This probably goes without saying too, but each ethernet drop has to individually run back to the switch (e.g., you can't half-tap two runs at the punch down for 1 port).

Otherwise, you probably have something miswired. Also, those consumer grade Leviton jacks do not make good contact - especially if you use their little plastic insertion tool.
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