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Austin, TX
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reply to brianw1957

Re: Cherry Picking... again. "Select markets"

VDSL is a short-range tech last I checked, so you're MUCH more likely to get ADSL2+ than VDSL. Problem is, you're probably on a bonded-T1-powered node at the moment so they'd have to first upgrade you to FTTN before going to VDSL2 (which probably won't happen).

I'm in an urban area in Golden, CO (not far from Denver). No ADSL2+ here; a block over 7 Mbps is the top speed. At my location, 5 Mbps is (minus overhead of course). Yes, it's better than 1.5 but Comcast has made the upgrade to DOCSIS 2.0 at this point, so even when FTTN comes out it'll already be out of date.

Put into perspective, Comcast's second-lowest tier (Economy is cheaper than Qwest dry-line DSL FWIW) is faster in every way than Qwest's highest ADSL tier here. One megabit on uploads vs. about 716 after overhead, six megabits on downloads vs. about that much after overhead on Qwest. Except on Comcast PowerBoost will double or even quadruple download speeds and push uploads to 8-11 Mbps for the first few seconds of a download, while Qwest sits at their prescribed speeds for the entire duration.

Of course Golden, filled with college students as it is and relatively dense, would be a nice place to put some VDSL, but we don't even get FTTN so 99% of the people I know off-campus have Comcast.