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Re: 85% Rule

I'm very aware of ATM (not necessarily DSL) overhead. If all internet had ATM overhead then okay, maybe advertising one speed and delivering another would be justified. However cable internet and non-ATM DSL techs (including GPON) don't have the majority of that overhead, and Comcast actually overprovisions their cable services to make perfectly sure everyone gets the speeds adversied, even when PowerBoost wears off.

So I maintain that Qwest should either overprovision the line or stop the false advertising of their, for example, 12 Mbit service as a comparable alternative to Comcast's service of the same speed.

Before you say anything else, I have had a Qwest DSL account, have used Qwest DSL recently and have used another provider's DSL that doesn't overprovision (Windstream in my area) but still uses ATM. I've also used providers that do overprovision (Comcast on cable, Embarq on DSL) and it doesn't take much to square speeds away with what people actually expect. I think it's not too far-fetched to actually be able to push 875 KB/s over a 7 Mbit connection, even if I have to use UDP to do that.