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Lawrenceville, GA
reply to PingPong3

Re: Share code

Thanks for posting. I love to read other peoples code. I get bored staring at my own programming style all the time :). I just finished my first "real" program in Perl, and this is what I used to process the forms it had to handle. It's nothing special. In fact it could probably be written alot better, but I'm no Perl hacker. I also have a bad habit at using non-descriptive variable names which is evident in this snippet.

sub getForm
for($loop = 0;$loop != $ENV{'CONTENT_LENGTH'};$loop++)
$data =~ s/%2F/\//;
$data =~ s/%3A/:/;
@temparray = (split(/&/,$data));
$temp = @temparray;
%temphash = ();
for($loop = 0;$loop != $temp;$loop++)
($name,$data) = split(/=/,@temparray[$loop]);
$temphash{$name} = ($data);
return %temphash;

It was designed to return all the data to a hash. It also only handles forms submitted using POST. Personally I don't think it's well written. It just seems bloated and ineficient. Maybe I'm just too critical of my own code...
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