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Got the call. We used 610GB on a 50mbit/10mbit d3 connection

Got the call. We used 610GB on a 50mbit/10mbit d3 connection in June. Granted there are 5 people living in the house using the connection, this is still a lot. I realized that we had likely gone over after making the switch to the much faster service, but didn't realize the extent to which we'd used the new connection.

When I received the call, I asked if Comcast had a bandwidth meter in place to monitor my usage. The tech responded that they didn't, but he pointed me to a free software solution. When I told him that there were many computers on our local network using the connection and that a software solution would be difficult if not impossible to use, he basically said that it was my responsibility and that if my modem ever went over 250gb again that I would immediately be shut off. I also asked if there there was any difference in the cap for the more expensive packages (we were paying $140/month at the time) or if they were more lenient to customers who spent more money for their faster package, he said absolutely not. I also asked about switching to Comcast's business class service, but I was told that it is not possible to transition from residential to business class service--our residential service must first be cancelled and then business class service ordered. After reading this forum, I'm not sure if this is actually true?

Unfortunately, I didn't get this call until the 14th of July. Likely, we have already gone over our 250gb for the month. We've basically stopped using our internet for anything other than checking e-mail in hopes that the plug won't be pulled at the end of the month. Even if we did go over, hopefully Comcast would show some mercy given that their call came so late?? I guess we can only hope. Otherwise, back to the dreaded Qwest DSL.

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