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This is a sub-selection from No suprise


Saint Louis, MO
reply to borats

Re: No suprise

said by borats :

said by ender7074:

I'm glad I jumped off of that sinking ship years ago. Idiots at the wheel -- the Charter moto.
More like fired. Anyone who follows the Charter forum remembers you. No wonder you're here, in a Charter thread, like you always are, bashing them. You act like you know all the important people in Charter, when the only contact you ever had with someone of rank was your call center lead, or supervisor.
LOL I never did anything in the Charter forum here. I wasn't fired from Charter, I quit. I know several people in the corporate office and had felt the effects of the idiots that ran the place. Please stop being an idiot or post links of me and my "Charter bashing" that you seem to think I wrote. Also, how is it that you think I shouldnt have an opinion of the idiots that ran that company when I was one of many people that bore the burden of implementing their stupid policies?
Does Microsoft mean small and squishy?