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Glendale, CA

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Stupid meter

What a joke. 21GB GB typical use in a MONTH? LOL! I downloaded that in like 2 days watching shows like Top Gear and The Soup. This whole usage meter is just bullshet. Only way to fight it is to get the highest speed tier the ISP has that is uncapped and unmetered....or providers.

I really hope that ISP's will do that so that those who have more need for bandwidth will be able to use their connections without worrying so much about their usage.
The Internet is about to go down....it is actually.


Austin, TX
·Time Warner Cable
·Verizon Online DSL
1. You're not typical. Neither am I. When I'm at school the rest of the family uses about 6-10 GB per month. Granted, the internet here sucks and they'd probably use closer to 20GB if they had a 1 Mbit connection...which is exactly what SL is showing.
2. If you're using tons of interwebs you're likely on their highest plan, which has a higher average usage pattern.
3. "fighting it" wouldn't be the correct term to describe going to the highest, uncapped tier the provider has. SL doesn't cap anyone (except in speed) and upgrading is exactly what they want you to do. You cost them more money (less subscribers per node = node splits etc.) so it's nice of you to amortize your costs on their network by getting the fastest tier you can.
4. Some ISPs do offer uncapped tiers alongside capped ones. Comcast, CableOne and (if they had pushed their plans through) TWC would be porivders whose biz services aren't capped, but whose residential services are. Cox has no explicit cap on their 50/5 DOCSIS 3 tier, and Charter has none on their 60/5 tier, though to my knowledge neither provider is enforcing their explicit caps anyway.

Also, Suddenlink now has a nice fat fiber ring in West Texas, so they can pipe bandwidth as needed to areas that need bandwidth. Not sure how big thier pipe is (I'd guess a few gigabits) but it seems to be big enough that they're merely notifying people of their usage and asking very heavy users (3x their published figures) what's going on, rather than cutting them off entirely.


Glendale, CA
Whoops I used the wrong word when I said fighting it Yea I meant actually a solution to the caps is getting the highest speed tier that is hopefully uncapped.

I can't wait to see if Charter will actually pull their heads together and upgrade the network to handle the 60/5 BEFORE they upgrade everyone which I don't think they're smart enough to do anyway. I just really hope that when i get the 60/5 tier, that I won't be getting 10/2 speeds.
The Internet is about to go down....it is actually.