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Boca Raton, FL
reply to TuPaK

Re: AT&T's network is horrid

said by TuPaK:

They can take their network along with their ETF once the iPhone is on Verizon or other carriers. I'll be more than happy to leave AT&T. The iPhone barely makes up for their highly lacking network.
Hey hey now... Don't say the entire thing is horrid because its not. If you come down to South Florida its a night and day difference from the places where people have network problems.

The problems people keep complaining about (dropped calls, slow 3G speed) don't exist down here unless its a friday night and your on that one cell site that is crammed with everyone...

3G is fast all the time (1.2 Mbps +) 5 bars all the time and no dropped calls. They need to do the rest of there network like how it is down here.

And I don't think Apple having the device on Verizon will help with anything really because the iPhone can bring any network to its knees. It has more then half the mobile data usage in the US and its only on 1 carrier.

I don't care who the carrier is, you put a million iPhones on it in less then a month and there are going to be network problems.