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ObamaCare Kills Americans
reply to Telco_Tech

Re: AT&T's network is horrid

I wouldn't be surprised today if every provider handed over these types of records and more to the government if asked to do so. Since 9/11 we've been in an ever-increasing state of terror-paranoia (terrornoia? ) and panic. I've just made the assumption that our government can get their grubby little paws on any information they want.

If privacy is that important to you (and, IMO, it should be), I'd recommend taking several steps to anonymize yourself and your activities. Don't surf to sites you don't want others to know about on any equipment but your own, and don't surf to these sites using any ISP connection that you're paying for. (i.e. Drive around town and find an open WiFi router or two.)
Don't use your home phone or cell phone for conversations you don't want others to know about; those are best done face-to-face. And with current cell phone technology being able to turn on phone microphones remotely on some devices (and also track them remotely), phones and other wired electronics are best left at home when going to these meetings.

To those who would suggest that you have nothing to worry about if you have nothing to hide... I'd suggest rethinking that position. The government's powers to spy on its own citizens should be severely limited and crippled, unless good reason can be provided to a panel of jurors (not a judge or two) in a public court forum (not some super-secret closed-door session that potentially violates sunshine laws). The governed can only be truly free when those who govern are held responsible and accountable for all of their actions.
Trusting the Democrats to fix our economy and give us health care is like trusting the fox with keys to the henhouse, a brand new gas stove, and a pantry full of goodies for side dishes. In the end, all will be dead and nothing but lies will be told.