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This is a sub-selection from Att lied to me.

ObamaCare Kills Americans
reply to FastiBook

Re: Att lied to me.

said by FastiBook:

Believe me though, i'm getting the money they promised me or i will see them in court.
I hope you have the ability to do that. I seem to recall from somewhere, though, that you don't. I think that your contract with AT&T forces everything to go through arbitration, rather than the court system-- but I could be wrong.

While you're at it, I'd also file complaints with the BBB and your states consumer affairs or attorney general office. And if you're going to complain to the attorney general's office, also file a complaint about AT&T's deceptive data plan advertising where "unlimited" apparently means 5GB.
Trusting the Democrats to fix our economy and give us health care is like trusting the fox with keys to the henhouse, a brand new gas stove, and a pantry full of goodies for side dishes. In the end, all will be dead and nothing but lies will be told.