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Caveat Emptor
United State
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SL is the elephant in the living room

SL is owned by a jerkwater company in New Jersey that is supposed to have a bazillion customers. If they do it is because their customers no other choice.

If you look in the fine print you learn their blazing fast Broadband is 10X faster than dial-up. When I questioned that statement, I was told the 28.8 they used to make that statement was the de facto standard. OOOOh? Eight years ago 56K was de facto. The silly comment was made in 2007 in rural America. It was a horrid little company that had terrible customer service. Most of the time the broadband, which cost twice what AT&T charged for four times the speed was barely faster than dial-up most of the time.

Three years ago Cox sold out their mid-size market, except the areas if dense population like Oceanside, CA. Guess who bought it? It was bad when Cox had it, but it was worse after SL got their paws on it. .

SL may be dandy in New Jersey but it isn't work a shet between the California border and Mississippi River. It is the only cable company I have ever used that offered seven 24/7 religious channels, a plethora of piggy back channels and nary a C-Span. Not only that, where my cousin lives, they removed the small local station, large national stations in Tulsa, dropped Fox entirely, and used national Arkansas channels. This area of this tows was effectively cut off from receiving all Oklahoma news, all local news, and all Oklahoma weather warnings; then they shut down the local office so there isn't any place to complain.

It's just one little hick town with a geographic population of 80,000. On the other side of this town, it is served by a different cable system. They recognized the value of customers and they provided everything the cheapskate SL refused to offer and more. In this town SL is the local joke. They are losing customers to Direct-TV. Who needs them. AT&T provides the BB connectivity.

If I had my wish, the spineless City Council would run them out of town on a rail. Even that is too good them and more than they deserve with their hijack prices that shoot the moon.
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