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Rochester, NH

Security Suite

I'm considering using Fairpoint's security suite instead of using norton antivirus. I can get norton antivirus for free after rebate, so if FP's security suite isn't that good let me know.

What is the anti-virus software in FP's security suite. How is it similar/different from Norton Antivirus?

Do I download FP's software to my computer? Can I do just the parts of the security suite that I want, or do I have to do all?

Will ordering the security suite (which is free for one computer, right?) mess up my monthly DSL rate which is currently grandfathered from Verizon days?


fred fredrick

I recommend you just use a free one, like AVG free, which is on »free.grisoft.com and a spyware program. Most people like adaware or spybot. I prefer spybot.

Those are all free good alternatives.


Richford, VT
reply to findwaldo
Fairpoint has enough troubles with everything that I would try to avoid anything from them.


reply to findwaldo
Fairpoint SS is more trouble than it's worth. Yeah the software and the tech support for it is "free" but the software itself is not good. The problem is that every ISP feels the need to make their own AV/FW software and either sell it or provide it "for free". Norton AV is kind of bloatware, can also randomly block your access to the Internet. There is a danger with that for any firewall (well other than maybe Windows). Go with a free one like AVG or Avast. At least those are easy to disable if they do block access, unlike Norton and MacAfee where you need a manual to turn the thing off.


Rochester, NH
reply to findwaldo
Thanks for the thoughts. I'll have to look at AVG.