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Working Hard, Or Hardly Working?
Tucson, AZ
reply to pnh102

Re: Hmmm...

Uh... They didn't pay anything. In fact, that'd be breaking the rules as a matter of fact.

I'm just glad AT&T went and fixed this before things got too out of hand. Backlash is probably still coming though.

I read that thread last night as this was taking off and agree with the one guy who asks if anybody's ever heard of spoofed headers. Why the hell would 4chan be DDoSing itself? This is a completely clueless statement made by AT&T to admit wrongdoing; it's their way of covering their a**es before the cogs of the internet hate machine got fully spinning. Perhaps wise, but unwise of them to not admit wrongdoing and instead mutter something about DDoS and ARP and reliability that doesn't make sense.
"Some people never see the light till it shines thru bullet holes." -Bruce Cockburn

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