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Brooklyn, NY
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No point in changing now.

It's already as confusing as it gets for wifi.. In earlier wifi standards, the signals were on a set frequency range around 2.X ghz.. now comes along "N" with 5ghz single and DUAL BAND technologies working with draft 2 "N" just to make things more confusing. The consumer is in luck, because the amount of equipment that runs purely on 5ghz (less known / utilized) N is rare.

Just make Draft 2.0 final and call it a day. Let bandwidth hogs channel bond on 2.4 & 5.X ghz simultaneously to maximize throughput.

If they change the spec to something that requires firmware upgrades, with the amount of draft 2 N equipment out there, no one will trust the ITU telecom standards self proclaimed "know all, be all of wired/wireless communications" to develop timely internationally recognized telecom innovations. We should never again see days of the 19k-56k modem hand-wringing that went on with analog modems.

Finally, BG equipment can stop being sold as low cost entry level and just be part of the (A)BGN family of backwards compatability at "G" prices.