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Saint Paul, MN
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Re: Its about time!!!

said by Matt3:

said by FFH5:

said by gate1975mlm:

WoW this took a long time to happen!
The IEEE standards committees have made themselves almost completely non-relevant. They take so long to do anything that the standards they vote on are almost old technology by the time they act. The marketplace does a better job of identifying a market leading technology and ignoring all the losing versions. The IEEE would do better to just see who won the war and then declare them the winner.
Absolutely. I've felt this way about a lot of standards bodies for a long time. This is not the 50's and 60's, this is the digital age, they need to get with the times and streamline their ratification procedures or risk becoming obsolete.

That said, 802.11n has been pretty hit or miss for me. I've gone through several brands, several different chipsets, and it's ALL been extremely prone to interference. Speeds fluctuate dramatically, so much so that I've disabled it on my access points and gone back to standard 802.11g for connection stability.
My D-Link G router had tons of connection drops and slower speeds. I upgraded to a Belkin N+ and have NO connection drops and SUPER amazing speeds!
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