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reply to guppy_fish

Re: Best way to get directly to Verizon escalations group

said by guppy_fish:

If that's a triple play, the current offer is about 190 for what you have/had ... and you saved ~600+ so far over what one gets today, pretty sweet deal.

It likely your account got reviewed and the credits removed as no one can give discounts like that now, I dealt with some local high level folks in Tampa last fall and they had a huge reorg ( VP level people got canned for this type of stuff ) and new hard and fast rules to prevent reps from giving away the farm

If TW will give you that for 100 bucks, go with that, no one at VZ can or will re-instate the deal you had for 7 month
This is just internet and TV, I actually pay a separate bill to VZ for my phone service (I wanted to keep it on copper, long story). Its quite possible that someone did review the deal they offered me and attempted to change it. The problem is I have a 12 month contract, so I dont think they can just dramatically change things mid stream without letting me know.
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