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[connectivity] Giganews users with Fairpoint FAST aka Fios

For the last month or so, I've noticed that throughput to Giganews has totally tanked. I am a FIOS/FAST customer. To that point, I've had zero problems with the service.

The curious thing is that if I queue up some big downloads and leave it overnight, the speeds pick back up to multi-megabit speeds sometime in the wee hours. Otherwise, I'm looking at glorified dialup throughput.

I know Fairpoint is getting hammered on all sorts of things lately but I'm beginning to suspect throttling to Giganews. I have run bandwidth tests from here and other places and everything seems fine otherwise. I should also note that I am not a constant-use bandwidth-sucking user, so I don't think I'm exceeding any invisible caps they might have in place.

Any thoughts by other FP/GN customers? If you have another Usenet provider, have you seen anything like this?


I see the same thing - so you aren't crazy. I'd agree that it started happening sometime in July. It is consistent - full pipe until about 9am and then a fraction. I am not sure whether it is FP or GN but I haven't found much discussion about other ISP users complaining about GN's speeds.
Please post back if you find out anything further and I'll do the same.



Figures. What's funny is I have some solid numbers now. I'm downloading a rather large set of files which is 10s of gigs. I started it last night. They are 50MB segments. It started around 2am last night, and it was downloading about 100MB per minute. After 8am, the speeds gradually slow down. By 10am, there is one segment downloaded every 10 minutes. From 11am onward, I'm getting about 200MB per hour. That is the current pace as I type this.

I'm going to download some other things that I don't want/need, just to keep the time stamps rolling to track this stuff. I will guess that after 10pm, things will start to pick up.

Needless to say, I don't need any more evidence of this throttling. I am grandfathered into the $44/mo 15/2 service so I wonder if they will try to upsell me when I call to complain. At this point, I dislike Fairpoint enough that I will just switch back to Comcast who never messed with my GN connections.

I am monitoring Google News for Fairpoint articles, I'm hoping something pops up about this. It can't only be Giganews, can it?