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Las Vegas, NV
reply to TSI Steve

Re: How do you get a 310% speed mount

said by TSI Steve:

said by JB:

a "casual" who has 6 level 80s ? lol.. here i thought i was bad with 3.

the epic flyer from the vendor is 280, this is the same speed as the flight paths
FYI FP's are faster then 280%
If you get Carbonite it will tell your speed based on the linear movement.. FP's go as fast as 480% and avg at around 360%

Again - Carbonite's calc's are based solely on linear movement so when you are flying at an angle (ie flying higher, lower, or turning) it reports the speed as slower.

I agree. "Most" flight paths are no where near 280% speed. I've tried to fly along side alliance when I'm chasing them down to their next flight path drop off point, while on my Warlock and cannot keep up with them.

I was on my DK once (300% flight speed) and tried to follow an alliance that left from the flight path at Wyrmrest Temple, and no way in hell could I keep up. That's probably one of the fastest flight paths I've seen.