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Petaluma, CA

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reply to NathanO

Re: Double Speed for everyone else?

said by NathanO:

When does everyone else get double the speed
These guys get it:
6/1=>12/2 (should have done 10/1.5) -$42.95 => $30
8/2=>16/2 (should do 15/2.5) -$52.95? => $40

What about:
16/2 (should have done 15/2.5)?=>35/5 -$52.95 => $40
22/5? (should have done 25/5)=>50/10 -$62.95 => $50
50/10?=> 100/25 ($99.95) => $75

The 50/10 tier is overpriced anyway... it should be $72.95 to follow the rest of their (already overpriced). I Think they would get more HSI subscribers if they dropped the price by $12.95 on each tier, and price them as above
HAHA, I whish, but with att uverse being

1.5/1(.385dsl) $25
3/1(.512dsl) $30
6/1(.756dsl) $35
12/1.5 $55
18/1.5 $65

Although AT&T has all the right to charge more because they don't cap, which is good for me.

If anything dsl/vdsl has gone up in price over the last 3 years.... the 3/1 used to be $25 in my area for as long as I could remember.

Comcrap has zero encouragement to drop prices.