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Aptos, CA

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Metered billing again

said by K Patterson:

Finally, perhaps the hardest part, they have to figure out how it relates to the issues of open, unfettered access to all the sources of data, many of which have now and will increasingly in the future be competitive with Comcast's TV offerings.
Yeah, almost got it right.

The problem with metered service is that, but their own admission, the vast bulk of their subs are OVERPAYING (assuming comcast makes a buck if everyone actually used 250GB) since by their own data, most users are actually using a fraction of that amount.

So, the day metered billing rolls out, comcast loses free money from 95% of their users, and the small number of heavy users would likely either pay the trivial surcharge (pennies per MB) or leave.

Business Model Fail.

Metered billing is a threat, but its an empty threat. Sorta like holding a gun to your own head....
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