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Holy Cable Modem Batman

Washington, DC

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reply to IPPlanMan

Re: The real reason for the cap ~by IPPlanMan~

Given jl's comment: "Without respect to distribution, etc."... It's become apparent to me through the progression of this thread that the Comcast wants us to think the reason for the 250 GB cap is Comcast's "bandwidth cost". Even if people are using about 5% of their theoretical connection threshold at the 12/2 tier at 250GB of usage, and even less at the Docsis 3.0 tiers, by imposing this cap it seems that Comcast wants us to think that it is unprofitable at 42.95/52.95/etc. to sell more capacity than 250GB, no matter what speed is provisioned. When you include Comcast's own data, if it is taken as true, it shows a median usage of 2-4GB a month which makes this utilization percentage even lower. »www.comcast.net/terms/network/am ··· endment/
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It really crazy on the extreme 50 tier... use your internet at full speed for 12hrs, and your done!
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