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reply to mlundin

Re: I think...

said by mlundin:

That if I ever have a problem with a company that forces me to use binding arbitration, I'll use it. Then, when I lose, I'll sue the "independent arbitrator" into the ground for not being independent and original company in question for not adhering to the terms of the agreement.
Sorry, but you will find that next to impossible. Arbitration awards are rarely reviewable. Usually, the award is simply a statement of the decision rendered, and does not disclose the reasoning, legal or otherwise, used in rendering the decision. That makes it nearly impossible to attack the award/judgment on legal grounds, and there are no other causes of action applicable. You have agreed that the chosen arbitrators are impartial by accepting them to hear the issue(s) at arbitration. Finding a court that would even consider reviewing an arbitration award just won't happen.